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COVID-19 hasn’t gone away and in recent weeks there has been an increase in infections in Wirral and across England so we must remain vigilant and carry on keeping each other safe.

We’ve learned so much in the last two years but as we move to living with COVID-19 on a long-term basis, every one of us needs to remain vigilant, take precautions, and ensure that we’re up to date with our COVID-19 vaccinations. We need to continue to keep ourselves and our loved ones safe and vaccination is the best form of defence we have – it’s never too late to get vaccinated.

Remember we can all play our part – stay at home if you have any respiratory symptoms or a fever and limit contact with others until you are feeling better – particularly if they are likely to be at greater risk if they catch COVID-19.

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A masked lady receiving a COVID-19 Vaccine

COVID-19 Jabs

Get all of your COVID-19 vaccinations including first, second and booster jabs to help stop the spread. There are a number of walk in vaccination clinics in Wirral, where no appointment is required or you can book in advance through the National Booking System.

A man wearing a visor and PPE administering a COVID-19 test through a car window

Living with COVID

The Government has announced the next step in its Covid strategy, ‘Living with Covid’, and UKHSA is supporting it by providing advice to help people make informed decisions in order to live safely with Covid.

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Community Champions

Help to keep your communities safe by signing up as a Wirral Community Champion! As a Community Champion you will receive a range of free resources, posters, social media images and regular newsletters so that you can share all the latest information.


Ask Julie

Got a question on COVID-19? Ask Wirral’s Director of Public Health, Julie Webster. Frequently asked questions will be answered on this page and in our community champions newsletter

Can I get COVID-19 if I've been vaccinated?

Will the COVID-19 Vaccine make me sick?

Does the COVID-19 Vaccine work against Omicron?

A photo of Julie Website, the Director of Public Health for Wirral

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